Lei Shaofang


Name:Lei Shaofang Alignment:CG Class:Psychic 3 Race :Aasimar(Emberkin) Deity :Xuan Wu and Hermes Age:23 Type:Outsider (native) Gender:Male Height:5’9 Weight:100 Eyes:yellow Hair:Black

Languages: Common Celestial Draconic Dwarven Elven Sylvan Infernal

Str:10 Dex:14 Con14 Int:20 Wis:14 Cha:18


Ac:12 Touch:12 Flat:10


Fort:4 Ref:4 Will:6


Class Abilities: Psychic Discipline-Abomination Phrenic Pool Ability Mod: Cha Bonus Spells: lvl 1:Ray of enfeeblement

Discipline Powers: Dark Half-By allowing the dark forces to overcome you can enter a state of cruelty as a swift action Length:3+1/2 psychic lvl+cha mod (8 rounds) Bonuses: :+1 to spell save dc’s :+2 to will save :Immunity to fear effects :Damaging spells deal 1 bleed dmg :Inability to make Cha,dex or int based skill checks(Except Acrobatics,Fly,Intimidate) To turn back to normal make a dc:10+caster level concentration check on a fail stay in the state

Phrenic Pool:1/2 lvl+wis mod (6)

Phrenic Amplifications: Focused Force- When casting a force spell by spending 1 point from the Phrenic pool incease the dice size of the spell by one size category (1d4 to d6 to d8 to d10 to d12)

Will of the Dead- Spend 2 points from the Phrenic pool to overcome and undead creature’s immunity to mind-effcting effects for the linked spell.This functions on even mindless undead (Can only be linked to spells with mind-affecting descriptor)

Knacks:able to cast 0 level spells without expending their use

Detect Thoughts: able to use detect thoughts once per day as a spell like ability and can expend and 1st lvl or higher spells slot to cast it at that level using the spell level expended to determine the save dc.

Skills: 7 skill points per level Diplomacy-+10 (3 ranks,+3 trained skill,+4 chr) Handle Animal-+8 (3,5) Know arcana-+11 (3,3,5) Know planes-+2 (Racial ability) Perception-+8 (3,3,2) Ride-+8 (3,3,2) Sense Motive-+8 (3,3,2) Spellcraft-+13 (3,3,5,2)

Feats: Improved Initiative Expanded Arcana (Murderous Command)

Gear: Wand of magic Missile (50 charges) 1d4+1 Wand of Cure light wounds (50 charges) 1d8+1 Shoulders: Cloak of Resistance +1 Backpack:Stuff inside rope 50 ft rations x10 bedroll x6 waterskins large bowl


Mount: Tiger(Shou)-Items on Tiger :Exotic Riding Saddle :Saddle Bags x2 :Training Harness(In one of the saddles) :Animal Feed Carnivore 10 days worth for large creatures(In the other saddles) :Backpack In the first saddle with the training harness

Racial Abilities: +2 Know(Planes) +2 Spellcraft Pyrotechnics 1 per day Acid Resistance 5 Cold Resistance 5 Electricity Resistance 5 Darkvision 60

Spells: Spells Known- 0-5 Detect Magic Light Mending Telekinetic Projectile Haunted Fey Aspect 1-3(5)

Ray of Enfeeblement- Casting Time:Standard Action School:Necromancy Components:V,S Range:25+5(/2 lvls) Effect:ray Duration:1 round/level Sr:Yes Saving Throw:Fort half Dc:16

1d6+1 Strength dmg (Per two caster levels up to 1d6+5)

Detect Thoughts- Casting Time:Standard Action School:Diviniation[Mind Affecting] Comonents:V,S copper piece Range:60 Area:Cone-shaped emanation Druation:Concentration up to 1min/lvl Sr:no Saving Throw:Will Negates Dc:16

1st Round: Presence or absence of thoughts (from conscious creatures with Intelligence scores of 1 or higher).

2nd Round: Number of thinking minds and the Intelligence score of each. If the highest Intelligence is 26 or higher (and at least 10 points higher than your own Intelligence score), you are stunned for 1 round and the spell ends. This spell does not let you determine the location of the thinking minds if you can’t see the creatures whose thoughts you are detecting.

3rd Round: Surface thoughts of any mind in the area. A target’s Will save prevents you from reading its thoughts, and you must cast detect thoughts again to have another chance. Creatures of animal intelligence (Int 1 or 2) have simple, instinctual thoughts.

Mage Armor- Casting Time:Standard Action School:Conjuration(Creation) Components:V,S,F (A piece of cured leather) Range:Touch Target:Creature Touched Duration:1 hour/lvl Sr:no Saving throw:Will Negates Dc:16

+4 to ac

Magic Missle- Casting time:Standard Action School:Evocation(Force) Components:V,S Range:100+10(lvl) Targets:Up to five creatures no two which can be more than fifteen feat apart Duration:Instant Sr:Yes Saving throw:No

1d4+1 force dmg per missle (2) at 5th,7,and 9th gain an additional missle

Mind Thrust 1- Casting time:Standard Action School:Divination [Mind-affecting] Components:S Range:25+5(/2 lvls) Target:One Creature Duration:Instantaneous Sr:yes Saving throw:Will half Dc:16 1d6 points of dmg per caster level max(5d6)

Murderous Command- Casting Time:Standard Action School:Enchantment(Compulsion)[Mind-affecting] Components:V Range:25+5ft/2lvls Target:One Living Creature Druation:1 round SR:Yes Saving throw:Will negates Dc:16

You give the target a mental urge to kill its nearest ally, which it obeys to the best of its ability. The target attacks its nearest ally on its next turn with a melee weapon or natural weapon. If necessary, it moves to or charges to the nearest ally in order to make this attack. If it is unable to reach its closest ally on its next turn, the target uses its turn to get as close as possible to the ally.

Spells Per day- Lvl 1:7


Lei was born in the town of Shen to his mother Mei and a mysterious man whom Lei would later find out goes by the name of Malek. It was love at first sight or so his mother told him, at the time she was a member of the town guard and one day a man with wispy auburn hair and bright yellow eyes entered the town while she was on guard duty. The man asked her where the inn was at she told him, but since she was getting off her shift anyway she offered to show the man. Along the way the two got to conversing no matter what the man said she would find herself completely entranced in his words. After a few minutes of walking they finally reached the inn and well you can assume what happened at this point to make a child born. As fast as the man appeared he was just as quickly gone with the same haste a few weeks later may found herself to pregnant not being able to raise the child alone she asked for help from her brother Zhao who also worked as a guard for the town but in a higher position. The child is born with little issues and several years go by in a blink. When Lei turned 4 he started to see less of his uncle as he had recently had a child of his own named a little boy named Cao. Lei spent most of his young childhood studying day in and day out while his mother was out working he had little else to do so he pored his heart into learning as much as he could with the hopes of one day being accepted into the college in Long Wie. Other than the time spent studying little else of note happened in his childhood he’d occasionally get visited by his uncle Zhao and spend time with his cousin but other than that he had little social interaction and lived a relatively boring life. One day when he was around 12 while traveling through the town Lei had come upon a girl being bullied by a group of kids for being a foreigner and although he was socially awkward and had little interaction with people he know that the way the were treating her was wrong. He did his best to stand up for the girl, but Lei wasn’t a particularly strong individual you wouldn’t define him as weak he’d be best described as incredibly average and going up against more than one person as such was a bad idea. The other kids attention now turned from the girl started to gang up on him its at this point he started to hear a voice in his head telling him to do excruciatingly painful things to the kids and with little resistance he gave into the voice unleashing his once dormant powers to beat the kids to a pulp. He was shocked an appalled by what he did but part of him deep down enjoyed what he did, the girl introduced herself to Lei and told him her name was Kayleth ,and she told him the story of how her father had recently opened up a shop here after moving from a city in the nation Torak called Rishikesh she told him that taxes were to high for her father to make enough money and that he decided to move somewhere new to get a fresh start. She thanked him for saving her from the bullies and asked him how he did the amazing stuff that he just did. He told her he wasn’t sure how or what he even did, all he knows is that he heard a voice and gave into the request to let go of fear and get angry. The girl now fascinated by the story asked if he wanted to find out what it is that he did Lei was curious so he said yeah the two of them went off toward the library to find whatever books they could to see if the could learn what the hell he did.The voices in his head never left him after then, they’d frequently tell him what to do and he’d refuse to listen to them until he found out what the hell was going on it took several days of scouring through the books to find out that what he did was magic, fascinated by the subject for almost the entirety of the next ten years Lei spent most of his time with Kayleth studying and practicing magic she had a surprising talent for the subject as time went on the two became closer and they were rarely spent time apart from one another.Eventually Lei found enough courage to tell Kayleth that he was in love with her the two looked longingly into each others eyes as they shared a passionate first kills.

But the world is cruel and happiness doesn’t last forever, a few weeks after the kiss the town of Shen started to turn for the worse, a terrible plague had befallen the town and it hit them hard and fast before anyone knew what was going on hundreds of people were sick one of those including Kayleth no one knew the source of the plague or how to cure it, all the people knew was that if you got it was an almost guaranteed death sentence. And within a few days of catching the disease the woman that he loved was dead on her deathbed he vowed to her that he would find the cure even if it killed him. He had planned on leaving soon to after but to his dismay once the punches start coming they don’t stop, and soon his mother began to be extremely ill within a week of contracting the disease she was gone as well. This nearly destroyed him as the voices in his head got louder and louder almost seeming to laugh at his pain. A few days later, while he was out at the local bar trying to drink his sorrows away the wrong person at the wrong time tried to pick a fight with him and at first Lei was insistent on not fight back, but the man was relentless and eventually uttered the wrong thing insulting both his mother and girlfriend saying that they both desrevied to die for loving a waste of space like him. . This put Lei into a blind rage leading to the altercation ending with the mans head blown to pieces. Snapping back to his senses Lei saw what he had done and cried out in horror at the sight of the man he went running to his uncle Zhao to tell him what he had done and to turn himself in for murder. But his uncle refused to let him do so and instead convinced him that spending time rotting in jail will do good for nobody and that he should leave town and begin his journey to find the cure for the plague or a at the very least find the cause of the plague. His uncle gave him enough money to make his way to the next town. And so he left and decided to head towards Jing, he figured that if there was anyone who could help there’d have to be someone there. It took him awhile to get there as he needed to go on a few quest to make sure he had enough money to make it there. He searched the town for several days but came up with no leads he spent the next few days in a stupor spending much of the day drinking. That night he had a vivid dream in that dream he saw the visage of the man his mother described to him as his father a long time ago. In this dream the man spoke him telling him to head to Bhajana and that will lead him to the beginning of the path that will set him towards his true goal. He shot out of bed wide awake after the last word was spoken with a renewed vigor and at last some kind of lead he decided to find passage on a boat that would lead him to the city as fast as possible. On his way to the docks he noticed a tiger in a cage that looked him dead in the eyes almost as if it was speaking to him with just an expression of please help me on the face of the creature he knew that traveling alone isn’t always the safest and having a companion to go with him couldn’t be a bad thing so he decided to purchase the beast and he named it Shou the creature walked up and began liking Lei’s face in joy and excitement before leaving he decided to purchase a few more goods just in case and soon departed. He soon found passage board a ship heading to Turipari while on board the ship he spent little time with others choosing to instead spend almost all of his time with Shou however while walking the ship one day he was approached by a cleric of Hermes noticing the weary and tired expression on his face the man asked what wrong and tried to get him to tell him his what was wrong at first Lei was hesitant to talk to the man at first, but for some reason he got the feeling that he should talk to him and so they the two walked and talked Lei telling him of his experiences and what he’s trying to accomplish the man nods and smiles tells him that there is great good in what your trying to accomplish and that you shouldn’t give up even if you have to go through a lot of hardships Hermes will always be at your side as you travel on your quest to make sure that you get where you need need to the man introduces himself as Elias Dragonsbane and the two spend the rest of the travel together telling each other the various stories they’ve encountered on their journey on the day of docking in Turipuri Elias taught Lei how to use a wand of healing so that even if you are alone the divine guidance of Hermes will help you heal your wounds so that you can make it safe to your destination. The two shake hands and go their separate ways with the feeling that at some point they’ll probably run into each other again and so Lei travels to Bhjana the trip takes a little while and he is occasionally attacked by a wild animal on the way but with his trusty companion Shou there is little trouble in getting there. It has been a few days since Lei’s arrived in Bhajana and now he’s just waiting for some sort of sign to where he should go or what he should do next.

Lei Shaofang

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