The Nation of Torak

The nation of Torak consists of the western most continent and has four major cities. The young king Deija sits upon the countries throne after only 15 years of life; after the mysterious death of his father. He's counciled by a litany of  season veterans in almost every walk of life. 

Bhajana- The capital city of Torak is the second largest city in the world featuring some of the most amazing powerful architecture that one will ever lay eyes on.  The city is also home to the endless legions a group of fighters loyal to Torak whose numbers are never fully disclosed to anyone but the king and his council. Population Happiness: 62%

Rishikesh- The smaller of the two major ports in Torak. Known for it's fine cuisine particularly exotic fish. Run by the longest tenured governor in the country known for his love of the finer things in life. His high taxes which have just recently gotten more extreme since Deija's crowning have started to take it's toll on the people. Riots and rebellions have started to break out, but have been met swiftly and harshly.

June 21st 929- Tensions finally break and the City collapses due to the chaos after the aristocracy took their ships and floated them off of the port. The people raised ever one of their houses to the ground killing any guards that stood in their way. Guards loyal to the kingdom tried to stop the attack, but due to lack of soldiers after the majority of them sold out of the aristocracy failed to even slow them down many died in the progress. No one know who if anyone rules the city. Population Happiness: 21%

Turipari- The second largest port in the world  is the hub of the western world home of great deals of commerce both legal and illegal. Known in the underworld for it's slave trade and for it's great markets. Unrest begins to grow as worries amongst the cities oligarchy worry of both the new king and a threat of war across the sea. Population Happiness: 59%

Pushkar- The biggest city on the south half of the country slowly grows more weary as trade becomes more scarce to them as rumors of the reactivated enchanted forest to the north seems to be taking out caravans destined for the city. The city's leader is the daughters of an elder merchant of Bhajana. By changing the cities goods to Rishikesh she's managed to hold off disaster, but the question is for how long. Popluation Happiness 45%

Others places of note. 

Oshire Forest. The large forest that sits just north of the sea of screams was once said to be filled with magic many doubted it for generations, but now people start to question as traders seem to go missing in it. From what however is yet to be determined. 

Sea of Screams- The unfortunately named Sea of Screams is anticlimactic. Known for a long forgotten historical event is now only home of the screams of pleasure from young lovers who brave to take boats out onto the water. 

Dinik Swap- The Southwest tip of the continent Is a small thick swamp home to those who want to live outside of traditional rule.

Foliki desert: The Southeast tip of the continent home to a small port, and not much else. 

Yolalish Mountains- The mountain range on the continent. 

So Sayeth Jorgan the Wanderer

The Nation of Torak

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